Scientific research is a process which is grounded in the physical.  New ideas and theories have to be tested against the benchmark of reality.  That’s what scientific method is about.

BioWorkshop is a service that enables and facilitates good science by making real things that scientists really need.  We can design and manufacture bespoke items of equipment to high standards of quality and reliability for use in the laboratory, in the classroom, or in the field.  Custom construction brings researchers and educationalists right into the heart of the process of making equipment that works.

BioWorkshop gives you the opportunity to bring the experience of a skilled technician to bear on the design, materials, and manufacturing of your own kit.  The result is equipment that will definitely meet project specific requirements, and that can often actually cost less than a mass manufactured and much-less-suitable alternative.

In addition to making new things, BioWorkshop can perform essential maintenance and repair of existing equipment, extending the lifetime and serviceability of hard-to-replace specialist items, and postponing the expense of complete replacement.